RISD President John Maeda on Convergent Thinking & Turning STEM into STEAM

John Maeda--designer, scientist, president at RISD

from The Guardian last week . . . “A graphic designer and computer scientist, known for his work on the online computer game Second Life, as well as the author of bestselling self-help book The Laws of Simplicity, John Maeda has made great use of dual educations at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and art school. Drawing from his experiences in these two disciplines, the 44-year-old has come to believe that too stark a distinction is drawn between science and the arts. It is Maeda’s conviction that scientists need art and artists in their professional lives in order to invent and innovate successfully, and with a particular focus on education he has toured the world to promote the idea that government-approved “STEM” subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths) should be widened to include art; “turning STEM into STEAM” as he puts it. . . . “ More here . . . My bright idea: Innovation is born when art meets science | Technology | The Observer.

One thing I can’t help but wonder . . . if there’s a gradual growth of interest in bringing artists into scientific workplaces, what about bringing more scientists into the artists’ workplaces and performance spaces? What dividends would that reap?  –mpw